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  • Kenneth Tenabe

    I made a lock for my JuiceBox using just a 3" steel mending plate from the hardware store ($3.00).  I cut off the bottom of the plate  and drilled a new hole in the bottom, center.  I then enlarged the bottom hole of the JuiceBox bracket to allow it to more easily accommodate a padlock.  I next chiseled the wood behind the JuiceBox bracket in the shape of the hardware store steel plate, such that its surface would lay even with the wood. I simply had to make sure that the hole for the padlock in the JuiceBox bracket was in alignment with the hole in the steel plate. I then screwed this steel plate into the wall (and it is hidden by the JuiceBox/bracket).  Then snap on my padlock, and voila, it's locked!  One very important point to make is my setup is mounted to a board fastened to the side of the house in place of the siding.  This set up provides a bit of clearance between the JuiceBox bracket hole and the house wall (see last picture).  Without this bit of clearance, you would not be able to slide a padlock through.

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