Why should I connect my charging station to WiFi?



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  • Jim Shamp

    Thanks, Dave. I, however, as I suspect most people wrapped into this system, have only one EV (a 2019 Chevy Bolt). And so far this wi-fi "magic" is useless to me. It doesn't tell me very basic info of the sort I can get re exact cost of gasoline when I fuel my other car. It doesn't (as far as I can tell) let me plug in my electric company's cost per kWh, to determine what I'm spending or saving. In fact, it appears to have created a problem. Some goofy glitch (now corrected, methinks) kept reducing my charge rate. I didn't realize it was the fault of my JuiceNet charger. So when I took my Bolt to the dealership for my initial 7,500-mile tire rotation and overlook, I had to leave it for two days while the dealer tried to figure out why my usual 9-hour full charge had jumped to 14 hours. The GM explanation turned out to be that I was running AC at home and it was probably reducing the JuiceBox charge capacity. Wrong! I have a highly efficient geothermal heat pump at home, using far less electricity than I use during the winter here in North Carolina. The problem was, in fact, faulty JuiceNet software. 

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