How long to charge my EV on 120V? 240V?




  • Hanaa Habashi

    What about charging times for Jaguar I Pace 2020 on a level 2 charger?

    What should the min charge be set at in kWh?

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  • Kris Kluzak


    Apologies, not sure how we missed the iPace, but I do have that info for you. If you want to set a minimum charge, that would mean that you plug in and the car charges to a set amount of kWh's added, and then would stop and wait for a time of use.  If you are not using TOU, then it shouldn't be set at all.  The 'charging limit should also be set to the car's maximum battery pack size by default.  If no car is set this default will be 200 kWh added.

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