JuiceBox Error Codes




  • Kavantissa de Silva

    Hi there, my juicebox (pre 2015) display reads “Abnormal State”

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  • Curtis Hillier

    My Juicebox went off line and had this error code - the help says to contact support but the instructions would be more helpful if a number was provided - I was able to get it back to charging my vehicle, but I am no longer confident it will not fail again over night and I will wake up to a vehicle with a partial charge - winter is coming I must have a 100% charge each morning or I will not make it through the day:

    1 (Continuous tone-no breaks)

    Ground Lost (Reconnect ground)

    Check line and neutral connections as they may be reversed in the adapter or outlet. Unplug and reboot JuiceBox. If issue persists, please contact Support.

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