Enel X Way App Migration Follow-up to email

Recently we may have notified you that the EV JuiceNet app along with web browser access to your charger via home.juice.net will no longer be supported after February 20, 2023 and control of your chargers must be done via the new JuicePass app (Enel X Way app).

If you are encountering issues with accessing your chargers via the JuicePass app, please ensure that after downloading the JuicePass app, you REGISTER with the same email you used previously with JuiceNet.

Your JuiceBox should automatically link to your Enel X Way account, so your charging station(s) will be visible immediately. If you do not see your JuiceBox in the app, please try the following:


1. Go to the "Home Tab" at the bottom of the screen

2. Click on "Start Configuration"



3. Input your personal data when prompted



4. When prompted to scan your JuiceBox, skip this step and exit set-up


You will be able to see your JuiceBox populated in your account after the steps above.

Please note that if you do not see your vehicle populating, you will have to manually add them.

Should you still have issues, please contact our support line at +1 (844) JUICEBX or chat with us for further assistance.