J1772 Proximity Switch Fix




  • Clarence Dold

    There should be a description of how to diagnose this problem with more detail.

    When pressing the switch, there should be an audible click.  It sounds like this page is a correction for never hearing that click.

    With a $5 DMM, you could check the resistance on the Proximity pin (Free! with Purchase! at Harbor Freight Tools).

    With the EVSE unplugged from both the car and the AC source, between the large bottom socket "6 o'clock position" labelled PE, and the small socket at the "8 o'clock position", labelled CS, you should have 150 ohms. When the switch is pressed, this should go to 480 ohms.  <corrected per comment below>

    The resistance staying at either reading, probably accompanied by no clicking, is an indication that you need to open up the handle and perform the fix outlined on this page.


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  • Arnel Musni

    I followed the above checking procedure, what I encountered is backwards, the resistance between the pin PE and CS is 147.88 ohms and when the switch latch is pressed is 477.88 ohms. My unit is still not working after checking this.

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