How can I add my vehicle to my account and what is it used for?

You can register one or more vehicles to your personal account during the subscription phase or at any other time by navigating to "My account" on the side menu. You can choose between suggested vehicles on the app or insert manually a new one. Some technical features will be displayed for each vehicle, such as power supplied, battery size, and battery range, to provide more details during the charging session. This information can be modified at any time. For each charging session you can choose the vehicle you want to charge. Information displayed during the charging session are shown below:

• Energy delivered (kWh)
• Time of the charging session
• Power supplied (kW)
• Additional mileage to your vehicle autonomy
• Percent of charging added


The information displayed is estimated, some vehicle features may not be included in the formulas shown above. You can also access the service without registering a vehicle.