How do I stop the charging session?

During the charging session you will still be able to use the app. Press the green charging bar displayed on top to go back to the ongoing charging session.

To stop the charging session press “Slide to stop” the ongoing session or place your card on the charging station reader again if you used a card to activate the process.

If you are using a DC charger, once the charging session stops, the plug will be unlocked and you will be able to disconnect the cable from your EV. You can stop the charging session even if the battery charge is not 100% completed.

If you are using an AC charger you can stop the session by disconnecting the cable from your car, unless your car has a proprietary cable locking mechanism. If that mechanism is in place, you can end the session from your car or from the app, and after that, you can unplug.

If you are charging a Tesla with an AC charger please remember that you need to first unlock the car before removing the adapter, and that the J1772-Tesla adapter must be removed together with the cable to preserve the integrity of both the adapter and the charging cable.

Please remember that you'll need to be near the charging station to stop the charging session.