Where can I find my JuiceBox ID?

 Your JuiceBox ID can be found from the QR code on the side label. 

  1. Open camera app on your phone
  2. Aim the camera at the QR code and hold steady for several seconds
  3. Your phone will notify you of your 28-digit JuiceBox ID


  1. If you camera doesn’t automatically read QR codes from the camera
    1. Download and/or open your QR Code reader found in your app store
    2. Scan the QR code with the app
    3. Your app should show you the unit ID



You can also find your JuiceBox ID from the Mobile App

  1. Open the menu in the upper right
  2. Select "Device Settings"
  3. You will see Device ID with a long number between 25 and 28 digits long.