Release Version 1.0.13

Release date: 01-Jul-2020

Operating System: Gecko OS 4.1.11

Compatible Hardware: Next Generation JuiceBox and JuiceBox Pro 32, 40 and 48 manufactured starting in December 2019

Resolved Issues

Implemented stricter control of amount of simultaneous communication sessions to the internet, to reduce probability of charger improperly entering safe mode. Issue not completely resolved.

European compliant overcurrent protection was causing failure to charge issues with certain US market EVs, so overcurrent protection has been removed from the US JuiceBox code. Overcurrent protection is required in certain markets (Europe and China), but it is not required in the US. Overcurrent protection is viewed as an additional safety feature by Enel X, but it is not required by US/North America standards.

Known Issues

On rare occasions, a charger can improperly enter Safe Mode, which prevents LED illumination and limits charging to 12A.

Known Limitations

Wi-Fi configuration through Bluetooth not yet supported in firmware or mobile app. Bluetooth device setup will be supported in a future release.

European-style overcurrent protection is not enabled on JuiceBoxes sold in North America. Overcurrent protection is not required by US/North American standards.

JuiceBoxes check for new firmware availability on a weekly basis instead of three times per day.