Release Version 1.0.46 

Release date: 25-May-2021  

Operating System: Gecko OS 4.2.7 

Compatible Hardware: 

Next Generation North American JuiceBox and JuiceBox Pro 32, 40 and 48 with Type 1 J1772 output plug manufactured starting in December 2019. Supported hardware includes combinations of WiFi (IEEE 801.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz), Bluetooth, MiFare 13.56MHz RFID reader, CAT-1 LTE with support for over-the-air (OTA) update through WiFi and LTE.  

Next Generation European and LatAm 3 Phase and 1 Phase JuiceBox Basic with Type 2 IEC output plug manufactured starting in Sep 2020. Supported hardware includes combinations of WiFi (IEEE 801.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz), Bluetooth, MiFare 13.56MHz RFID reader with support for OTA update through WiFi.  

JuicePedestal Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT) with OTA update through the embedded CAT-1 LTE modem.  

New Features 

Bluetooth can be used to configure the JuiceBox WLAN interface in compatible devices using the JuiceConfigure app, for iOS or Android. 

Local configuration of maximum current level to reduce the maximum JuiceBox output current can be performed via JuiceConfigure through either the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth interfaces. 

Resolved Issues  

NTP time synchronization was not frequent enough, resulting in incorrect start and stop charging times when the charger is offline, as well as incorrect 15-minute interval data reporting. Frequency increased to once every 24 hours  

In certain situations, the crystal oscillator may become an unreliable time source.  This firmware overcomes this by using the WGM160P internal oscillator as the time source when the crystal oscillator is found to be incorrect. Checks performed every 1 minute  

Known Issues  

Power measurements across two phases (for example, on Isolated Terra power grids) are not reported correctly.  

Known Limitations  

European-style over-current protection is not enabled on JuiceBoxes sold in North America. Over-current protection is not required by US/North American standards.