Enel X Way APP (fka JuicePass) General FAQs

What's Enel X Way APP?

JuicePass is a mobile application that introduces an innovative service by Enel X that allows you to charge your electric vehicle at public or your Enel X home charging station.

At a public charging station, you can charge using the app or RFID card. The cost for the public charging is based on the amount of kWh delivered during the session. You can make payments via credit card, prepaid card, or PayPal.

The cost of charging at home depends on the tariff applied by your electricity supplier. For more information, please look into your electricity bill.


Who can use Enel X Juicepass?

EV Drivers over the age of 16 can access the service.


How does JuicePass work?

After you download the app, login to your account, subscribe to a plan, and enter your payment information, you can find a charging station on the map, drive there, and start charging. You can unlock the connector using your smartphone or RFID card. Swipe the card or touch the “Stop” button on your mobile app to stop the charging session. Then unplug the cable.

To charge at home, make sure your charger is added to your JuicePass account. Then you can start or stop a charging session from the app.


How do I make an account in JuicePass app?

There are many ways to sign up for JuicePass. You can register a new account by pressing “Register here”. Additionally, you can sign in with an existing Google, Facebook, Apple account.  For public charging, you can continue as guest user. 

Once you register, the registration creates a Unique ID for users that will serve as a single login for all Enel Group services. You need to finish the registration process by verifying the email you received with your Unique ID.

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How do I login to my JuicePass account?

During your first login, you will be required to accept the Terms of Use. Touch ID and Face ID configurations are also available for you to easily access the app!

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How do I find Charging History details?

JuicePass users can see their charging history and past session details from the main menu. Click the menu button from the top-left corner and then click "Charging history”. In this view, you can view more details about your charges, kW used, kg of carbon dioxide avoided. 

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How do I add a new vehicle? 

If you’d like to add new vehicle to your JuicePass account, first click the menu on the top-left corner. Click “My account”, then click “My garage”. Click the + icon and then add your vehicle details and save. 

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