Home Charging FAQs

How do I connect to my home charger?

To add your charger, first make sure you are close by your JuiceBox and have your bluetooth enabled. You can scan the charger QR code or enter serial number to configure the charger.


You can connect via your wifi network as well. To configure your charger with your WiFi network, click add a charger, then select “Add via wifi” and the following steps. 




If you want to add a charger that is already connected to your wifi network, click on “Add charger already connected to a network” link below the “Connect Now” button.


How do I add a new vehicle? 

If you’d like to add new vehicle to your JuicePass account, first click the menu on the top-left corner. Click “My account”, then click “My garage”. Click the + icon and then add your vehicle details and save. 

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How do I change JuiceBox settings in the JuicePass app?

To update any settings, click “My Account”, then click “Settings”. In “My Account Settings”, you can see multiple options: 

  1.  Check JuiceBox information, and modify the max power 
  2. Modify the JuiceBox configuration (Connect&Charge vs Unlock to Charge) 
  3. Set charging schedule 
  4. Share the charger with other users using a pin 
  5. Unpair the box or reset ownership


How do I share my charger with someone?

To share your charger, go to "Settings" and then "Sharing pin".  

You will see your six-digit Sharing Pin that you can share with your family members or guests so they can add the charger to their JuicePass app and start charging.  



How do I increase the default charging power?

After you go into “Settings”, click “Configuration”. If your JuiceBox is installed for home charging, you can change the default charging power. Hold and slide the toggle to adjust the electrical kW capacity.  

Be careful: increasing the default charging power could cause an electrical overload. 




Can I schedule charging sessions?

Yes, you can create different charging schedules for weekdays and weekends based on your charging needs or when electricity costs are lowerClick into Settings”, then “Schedule charging”. Make sure the “Enable” button is toggled on. Select the start and end times for your charging sessions, click “Save”.