Home Charging

Your JuiceBox can be connected to Enel X’s smart charging platform through a Wi-Fi internet connection. This allows you to control your JuiceBox anytime, from anywhere, using the JuicePass app.

Configure JuiceBox Using Wi-Fi Connectivity

1. On the top left corner of the home screen, select 3 horizontal lines > Home Charging.

    NOTE: In case another JuiceBox was previously configured, click on the + symbol next to Home Charging.




3. Select Add via wifi and click on the arrow to proceed.


4. Select CONNECT NOW.

    NOTE: In some cases, you might need to disable the automatic connection of your smartphone to known networks.        Go to the Settings on your phone and disable automatic network connection to the known networks. If you must          take this extra step, at the end of the process, you can activate again the automatic connection for your phone to the      known networks present in the area.


5. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect your smartphone to JuiceBox’s hotspot. Once done, click on the arrow        to proceed.

    NOTE: You can access the hotspot for 1 minute after the JuiceBox is switched on. Once your phone is connected to        the Juicebox's hotspot, the hotspot will remain active for 10 minutes. If the JuiceBox is already powered on before          this step, disconnect it from power and re-connect again before proceeding.


6. Wi-Fi networks are scanned and listed on the screen. Select the network you want to connect your JuiceBox to.


7. Enter the password of the selected network and select SAVE AND CONTINUE.

    NOTE: Once password verification is completed, the smartphone may not reconnect automatically to the hotspot of      the JuiceBox. After 20 seconds, if you are not redirected to the following screen, go to the Settings of your phone          and restore the connection to the hotspot of the JuiceBox.


8. Your JuiceBox is now connected to the Wi-Fi. Select CONTINUE to proceed to JuiceBox configuration.


9. In the configuration screen, follow the steps below, then click on the arrow to proceed.

  • Enter a unique name for your JuiceBox.
  • Check your JuiceBox ID.
  • Check the physical address of your JuiceBox (Modify the address if it is not correct).
  • Select the default power level of your JuiceBox.

      NOTE: The default power (in kW), defines the actual power delivered from the charger.


10. Select the mode of use of your JuiceBox, choosing between Private garage or Public area. In some countries, this          is also known as Connect&Charge Private mode and Unlock to Charge – Public mode. Then, click on the arrow        to proceed.

      NOTE: For more information on the modes of use, refer to the section Charging Mode.


11. If Private garage mode is selected, you will directly access the following screen.

      NOTE: In some countries like Italy, if the JuiceBox is set in Public area, it is possible to start a charging session with         a start command from the JuicePass app (refer to the section Charging Mode).


12. You did it! The JuiceBox is now online and ready to charge.



Charging Modes

Private Mode

This section describes how to charge a vehicle with a JuiceBox set in Private mode.

To start charging, connect your vehicle to the JuiceBox and charging starts automatically.

Use the JuicePass app to monitor your charging session to see real time information about kWh added, kilometers added, and the battery level percentage. To do this, access the Home Charging section.

NOTE: If the vehicle is not added to the JuicePass account, kilometers added and the battery level percentage are not displayed.


Public Mode

This section describes how to charge a vehicle with a JuiceBox set in Public mode.

To start charging, access the Home Charging section in JuicePass app and select SLIDE TO UNLOCK. Then, connect your vehicle to the JuiceBox.


To stop charging, select SLIDE TO STOP in the JuicePass app. Charging stops automatically and then remove the charging cable.


Use the JuicePass app to monitor your charging session. Access the Home Charging section to see the below real time information of your charging session:

  • Kilometers added
  • Charging time
  • kWh added.