JuiceBox Settings

You can update the JuiceBox settings from the JuicePass app.

To access the JuiceBox Settings section, on the top left corner of the home screen, select 3 horizontal lines > Home Charging > Settings icon.



JuiceBox info

In the JuiceBox info section, you can see the name, ID, address, and time zone of the JuiceBox.




In the Configuration section, if Private or Public mode is selected, you can adjust the default power level of your JuiceBox.

NOTE: The increase in default charging power could cause an electrical overload.



Smart charging

In the Smart charging section, you can enable the Scheduled Charging. Scheduled charging allows you to set up time windows for weekdays and weekends during which you want to charge your vehicle. This can be during off-peak hours or times with lower electricity rates, as provided by your utility provider. To set up and enable Scheduled Charging, do the following steps:

1. Select Scheduled charging and Toggle on the button next to Enable.


2. Enter the start and stop times for both weekdays and weekends, then select SAVE to save the changes.



JuiceBox Sharing

You can share your JuiceBox with your family members or guests. Once you click on the Sharing link, a 4-digit Sharing pin will appear.


Share this PIN with your family members or guests, to allow them to use your JuiceBox.

When they add this JuiceBox to their JuicePass app account, they will be asked for this PIN.


Unpair JuiceBox

In this section, you can unpair the JuiceBox from your JuicePass app account.

Once you unpair your JuiceBox, charging history and JuiceBox information is removed from your account.

NOTE: If you would like to use the JuiceBox again, you will have to add it to your JuicePass account again.