Finding A Charging Station

How do I find a charging station?

All stations that you have access to are displayed in the “Stations” menu. By default, this screen is shown when the app is opened.

What is the difference between a public and private/restricted charging station?

All JuiceNet charging stations are controlled by a local administrator. In most cases, the administrator makes the charging station available to all EV drivers. However, in some cases, the administrator might restrict the charging station to a certain group of people, such as employees in an office park or tenants in an apartment.

What if I really need to charge at a station that isn’t set up for public access?

When administrators restricts access to charging stations, they usually do so because they want only certain people to be allowed to charge with that device.

Most likely, there are public charging stations nearby. Open the “Stations” menu in the EV JuiceNet app to see a list of all charging stations that you have access to. If you really need access to a particular charging station, contact the station administrator. In some cases, the administrator’s contact information might be posted on or near the JuiceNet device.

I know there is a JuiceNet device in a parking lot next to my workplace. Why doesn’t it show up on the app?

Most likely, the JuiceNet device is restricted by its administrator and has not given you permission to charge there.

Are JuiceNet devices compatible with my vehicle?

Almost certainly yes. Nearly all electric vehicles in North America use a J1772 plug to charge, and all JuiceNet devices are equipped with a J1772 plug.

What do I do if there all charging spots are in use?

Most EV drivers are courteous about not leaving their vehicle plugged in after charging is completed. However, if all charging spots are in use, you can always use the JuiceNet Enterprise app to find other charging stations that you have access to.

Can I request a charging station to be installed near a specific location?

The JuiceNet charging network is always expanding. For more details, or to request a charging station at a certain location, contact

What if I want to charge at home?

You can always purchase a JuiceNet device for your home. Refer to to see residential charging solutions.