Public Charging

You can see all the available charging stations and their status on the JuicePass Map. Pin colors indicate the charging station status as below: 

  • Green: Charging Stations are available 
  • Red: Charging Stations are busy 
  • Grey: Charging Stations are under maintenance 
  • Grey Plug: Charging Stations not managed by Enel X (managed by partners). 

mceclip0.png    mceclip1.png

You can filter the charging stations on the map based on the needs. The Map will automatically display the charging stations based on the selected filters. 

mceclip2.png    mceclip3.png

While filtering the charging stations, you can select an appropriate electric vehicle. You can also adjust the power at which you want to charge your vehicle, then select APPLY. 

Note: This feature may not be available for partnering stations. 


Charging Station Details 

When you select the charging station Pin on the map, you can see the charging station details suchnas: 

  • Directions to locate the selected charging station 
  • Number of available plugs 
  • Type of the plug 
  • Serial number of the charging station 
  • Charging station managed by Enel X or is partner managed 
  • Charging rate 
  • Maximum power (in kW) at which the vehicle can be charged 
  • 24h access to report any issue. 

You can also reserve a plug to charge later or immediately start charging your vehicle. 


Start Charging 

To start charging, select a Pin on the map. 



Alternatively, if you are next to station, click on SCAN to scan the charging station QR code or enter the serial number. 

mceclip0.png    mceclip4.png


To start charging, select SLIDE TO CHARGE in the JuicePass app. 

NOTE: When you select an applicable rate and if the charging stations allows, it is possible to reserve a plug for 15 minutes. 

mceclip6.png    mceclip5.png 

NOTE: In case of Type 2 or CCS plugs, the app will ask to select the desired plug. 


If the vehicle is selected, you can see the real time charging status like kWh added, miles or kilometers added, battery level percentage, power consumption (in kW) during the active charging session.  

If the vehicle is not selected, you can see only the kWh added as the real time charging status.  

To stop the charging session, select SLIDE TO STOP in the JuicePass app. 



When the charging session is completed, you will see the charging session summary and will have the possibility to leave feedback about the completed session.