JuiceBox 30 Release Notes (March 2022)

Release date: 17/03/2022 

Operating System: Buildroot 2015.08.1

Compatible Hardware:  Juicebox 30 DC



New Features  

  • NA

Resolved Issues  

  • NA



Known Issues  

  • Reservation doesn’t expire if the reservation time is expired
  • Some translations are missing (some messages are only in English)
  • Bad visualization of some power numbers on the display
  • The letter “K” in “kW” is in upper case instead of lower case


Known Limitations  

  • Smart Charging tested for online case, not tested for offline
  • Update Version Software from Backend is not available (due to backend FW update under developing)
  • Update Version Software from WebUI of the station: it isn't possible to update PLC (communication between charger and vehicle). It will be possible in the future with a retrofit
  • AllowOfflineTxForUnknownId works properly but the backend doesn’t manage properly the messages after connection is restored (to be developed)
  • Rarely could happen that the sim seems to be connected but there wasn’t communication with backend and the charger was not pingable.