How to charge with JuiceNet Green?

Congratulations! You have chosen a JuiceNet device with our JuiceNet Green cloud based software feature that monitors and reacts to the instantaneous energy market in your area and enables you to charge when the cleanest energy is available on the grid, thereby reducing carbon emissions impact of EV charging.


What to expect:  In many places, the greenest charging opportunity is at night, due to availability of wind power, so JuiceNet Green maximizes charging times to when that power is at maximum production.  In other places, the greenest charging opportunity may be in the middle of the day, due to availability of solar power. 


Get set up:

  • Use the EV JuiceNet app to manage your charge settings.
  • Be sure that you have your vehicle profile saved and the correct vehicle is selected for the current charging session.
  • In all cases, JuiceNet Green will consider your preset "Need By" time to predict when charging must begin in order to reach your desired charge level by your need by time. The preset need by time is 7 am.


Share Session Requirements:

  • Whenever possible, use the “dialer” to set your charging needs for each session.
  • If you need to change your “vehicle needed by time” during the session, use the “slider” on the mobile app.

If charging is paused due to JuiceNet Green:  you will see a message 'waiting for cleaner power' or ‘due to smart charging’.  In that case, you can either wait for cleaner power or you can just press the “Charge Now” button in the EV JuiceNet app or JuiceNet Home web dashboard.