If JuiceNet Server Is Down

Apologies if you were affected when your JuiceNet device went offline.

Our server will get upgrades from time to time and you may experience server outages when this happens.  We will always do our very best to minimize the time down.

Please understand that you will still be able to charge your EV normally, but your Time of Use and amperage settings will be unavailable.

If you are using TOU and need to override, but controls are unavailable, please unplug your JuiceBox to erase the temporary memory of the schedule.  It will then charge until full, unplugged, or when the servers come back up.  Please keep an eye out if the servers come back you will then need to override to charge.

If you had previously set up a Load Group or a wire rating on the Dashboard for your current wire ampacity, this setting will be remembered by the JuiceNet device regardless of power cycling the box. 

Apologies for any inconvenience, we are always striving to improve our server-side capabilities to give you the best and most useful information and control for your 'Smart Charging" EVSE.