Waypump 75 H - 150 H - 300 H Release Notes (March 2022)

Release date: 25/03/2022 

Compatible Hardware:  Endesa X Way Waypump 75, Endesa X Way Waypump Flexi 150, Endesa X Way Waypump Ultra 300


New Features  

  • NA

Resolved Issues  

  • Fix: DNS-server from mobile networks gets overwritten by ethernet dhcp
  • Fix: logfiles truncated
  • Fix: Occasional connectivity issues after connection loss
  • Fix: APN-authentication fails occasionally when connecting to 4G network
  • Fix: NFC-Reader reading multiple IDs when smartphone gets tapped

Known Issues  

  • NA

Known Limitations  

  • Feature: Support for OCPP SmartCharging profiles TxDefaultProfile and TxProfile to be tested