Waypump 150 X Release Notes (Jan 2022)

Compatible Hardware:  Waypump 60 X - Waypump 150 X

Release date: 26/01/2022 


New Features  

  • Through the Enel X Way App is now possible to reserve the connectors on the charger.


Resolved Issues  

  • The APK of the charger can be updated through the WebUI of the charger.


Known Issues  

  • The translations of the following sentences need reworks in different languages (French, German, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Polish)
    • RFID/Card not authorized.
    • Tap the credit card on UPT to start.
    • END.
    • UPT Error: Transaction declined by Gt.
  • When the Card authorization is denied (server check failure message) a wrong and not translated feedback is shown on the screen
  • Charger’s UI doesn’t show reserved connectors (but plug is reserved as showed in Enel X Way app)
  • Smart Charging Profile is not working
  • If the charger is offline it will not be possible to start charging sessions (AllowOfflineTxForUnknownId)
  • Incorrect energy delivered for charging sessions ended during a communication loss.
  • In case of Virtual Operator temporary loss of communication the modem will not be able to establish connection directly in 4G and reconnect and a physical reboot will be required.


Known Limitations  

  • Operating System remote update needs to be developed.
  • Authorization Cache not supported.
  • The charger can’t establish connection directly in 4G. It needs to connect first in 2G or 3G and then the charger can switch in 4G.
  • Remote update through OCPP FTPs not supported.